Lead & Follow Dance Center

Lead and Follow Dance Center offers you a wide choice of programs that will take care of your present and future dance needs . Whether you want to become a good social dancer or a competitor , getting ready for your wedding dance or a special evening , improve your technique or polish what you already know , loose weight and get in shape in a very fun and stress free environment while making new friends. 

We have private and group instruction for all ages starting from 5 years old all the way to 100 . We specialize in American Rhythm and Smooth , International Latin and Standard styles. Dances taught Cha Cha  , Samba , Rumba , Paso Doble , Jive , East Coast Swing , West Coast Swing , Salsa ,  Mambo , Merengue , Hustle , Slow Waltz , Tango , Foxtrot , Viennese Waltz .


All competitive occasions bring with them a special energy and excitement. Competitive dancing is for people that want to take their dance to the next level. It is the ultimate goal for those  students who want to more deeply explore the art of dance : more practice, stretching, stamina and strength exercises, endurance, performance. Once you put on your dress,  filled with hundreds of shiny crystals or a classy elegant  tuxedo, you will fall in love. It is a fantastic experience that is impossible to forget. You are not watching dancers on TV shows, stage, DVD's - you are one of them !!! Whether you are a social dancer or have some experience on the competition dance floor, we welcome you to Lead & Follow Dance Center to take this beautiful journey with us !!!