Lead & Follow Dance Center

Lead and Follow Dance Center offers you a wide choice of programs that will take care of your present and future dance needs . Whether you want to become a good social dancer or a competitor , getting ready for your wedding dance or a special evening , improve your technique or polish what you already know , loose weight and get in shape in a very fun and stress free environment while making new friends. 

We have private and group instruction for all ages starting from 5 years old all the way to 100 . We specialize in American Rhythm and Smooth , International Latin and Standard styles. Dances taught Cha Cha  , Samba , Rumba , Paso Doble , Jive , East Coast Swing , West Coast Swing , Salsa ,  Mambo , Merengue , Hustle , Slow Waltz , Tango , Foxtrot , Viennese Waltz .

What will I learn in my first introductory lesson ?

We will introduce you to the basics of some of our dances and based on your needs, together  we will plan your next steps.


Do I need to have a dance partner ? 

No ! If you are single , our professional instructor will help you reach your goals.


How do I dress for my first introductory lesson ?

If it makes you feel comfortable - it works ! Closed heel shoe  is recommended.


How long is one lesson ?

Our lessons are 45 min.


I scheduled my first introductory lesson but my plans changed. Can I reschedule it ?

You definitely can. Let us know about your availabilities and we will work around your schedule. You could help us by giving us  24h notice .   


What if I don't like it ? Do I have to continue ?

No ! The introductory offer is designed exactly for that purpose. You have no obligations to continue , unless you chose to do so.



              ... for more and any other questions ,

                            feel free to contact us directly .

                                       See you soon !!!