Lead & Follow Dance Center

Lead and Follow Dance Center offers you a wide choice of programs that will take care of your present and future dance needs . Whether you want to become a good social dancer or a competitor , getting ready for your wedding dance or a special evening , improve your technique or polish what you already know , loose weight and get in shape in a very fun and stress free environment while making new friends. 

We have private and group instruction for all ages starting from 5 years old all the way to 100 . We specialize in American Rhythm and Smooth , International Latin and Standard styles. Dances taught Cha Cha  , Samba , Rumba , Paso Doble , Jive , East Coast Swing , West Coast Swing , Salsa ,  Mambo , Merengue , Hustle , Slow Waltz , Tango , Foxtrot , Viennese Waltz .

The function of our Social Dance Program is to experience  physical and mental joy through music , rhythms and movements , and social satisfaction through group participations. We understand that everyone learns differently , that is why the moment you join our team , we will together customize for you a program that will help you learn easier . Together, we will set goals for you ,  that will take care of your dancing needs not just in our studio ,  but in your personal life as well.

Our customized programs  will provide you with basic techniques  that will serve as stepping stones towards your success on the dance floor , bring you joy in releasing that energy and express yourselves in a physical way in a controlled and supportive social environment. 




During this program we will make a plan and set goals for your future dancing . You will be introduced to the basic steps and counts of the dances we teach. At the end of our basic program you will be able to choose the dances you want to focus on in the future. This program is designed for those of you that have not danced in a while or never before.

In addition to more steps , our intermediate level will provide you with basic techniques like : posture and poise , foot work , timing , lead and follow  and introduce you to that famous "Cuban Action" (hip movement) . Your body will start waking up and you will start feeling some muscles that  you haven't used in a long time and discover for yourselves new groups of muscles. Whether you are  single or a couple ,  you will be introduced into the world of "Lead & Follow" .  In the very near future you will be able to comfortably, and with confidence, follow any partner at any social dance event.

The most common goal among our students  , is our BRONZE program . You will be challenged , you will sweat , you will have tons of fun !!! During this program you will forget that you said once " ... I have two left feet fighting for the same shoe " . Once you learn how to move your body from point A to B , dance to music and lead or follow your partner ,  you no longer have to limit yourselves to 1 , 3 or 5 dances , you can do them all . At any social dance event , there's always a couple that stands out of the crowd. That couple could be you !!!