Lead & Follow Dance Center

Lead and Follow Dance Center offers you a wide choice of programs that will take care of your present and future dance needs . Whether you want to become a good social dancer or a competitor , getting ready for your wedding dance or a special evening , improve your technique or polish what you already know , loose weight and get in shape in a very fun and stress free environment while making new friends. 

We have private and group instruction for all ages starting from 5 years old all the way to 100 . We specialize in American Rhythm and Smooth , International Latin and Standard styles. Dances taught Cha Cha  , Samba , Rumba , Paso Doble , Jive , East Coast Swing , West Coast Swing , Salsa ,  Mambo , Merengue , Hustle , Slow Waltz , Tango , Foxtrot , Viennese Waltz .

Congratulations !!!

If you are on the wedding  page of our website , then you are soon to be married  !!!

Some couples want nothing fancy , just a couple of steps so they feel more comfortable dancing with each other. Others want to go all in or do something they have seen on the internet, TV or someone else's wedding ... leave it all to us !!! Give us a call and lets schedule a free meeting to discuss your plans and how you would like your wedding dance to look. Let us bring to reality every fantasy you have about your first dance as a married couple, father and daughter, mother and son. We understand that everyone has different needs, preferences and time frames, that is why we will customize, step by step,  your journey to an unforgettable dance experience that will stay in your memories forever. We can also help you schedule a special group class for your wedding party, if there's more people involved in the dance routine.

If you have already picked a song you would like to dance to, bring it with you on your first introductory lesson (in any format) or just play it for us online when you come in. If you have a hard time deciding , our professional instructor will help you find a song that you'll love. Everything can be done and we can teach everyone how to dance within the right time frame. Please don't wait till the last moment, don't delay any longer.  We strongly recommend to start up to six months earlier as your schedule will get complicated when your wedding date approaches. Give us a call and let us help you get started.


Our dearest friends Dorina and Cornel dancing their beautiful waltz !

Wedding song ideas